How We Do It

When you choose In Translatio for your project, you do not choose a machine, but a team of dedicated professionals. You are assigned a personal Project Manager who will be your unique contact person throughout the process.

The project manager will make sure you receive daily updates on the progress of your translation, and might also ask for clarification or contextualization to make sure the translation is as accurate as it can be.

Our translators follow strict guidelines to make sure their work meets our high standards and must take the In Translatio Pledge before joining the team.

The project is not finished once the last word has been translated. We follow the best translation practices that require every translation to be reviewed by another professional.

We do not take your privacy concerns lightly. We do not keep a backup of your files on our servers. Your details are confidential. The process is secure from start to finish.

Clear Pricing

Our pricing policy is simple and clear, starting from $0.19 per word for short documents and decreasing gradually for larger ones. Request a quote for your language project and let us do the math! We respond within 24 hours.


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