Literary Translations

Translation is a matter of balance between accuracy and style. Literary translators will focus on finding the right image in the target language and render the rhythm and tone the author had in mind. A metaphor or a verse cannot be translated literally, and the translator must find words that convey both the same meaning and the same image while maintaining the strength of the original text.

Our translators are avid readers and talented writers. Trust In Translatio for the translation of your novel, short story, poem, or play, and hear the melody of the words!

Unique Contact Point

The translators and reviewers work in close collaboration with your project manager, who will be your unique point of contact and will communicate with you daily to make sure you have regular updates, and to forward any questions the translators might have. A good translation requires smooth communication to make sure it meets your needs, and to make sure the translators do not lack information or context. All our translations are thoroughly reviewed by another professional linguist.

Clear Pricing

Our pricing policy is simple and clear, starting from $0.19 per word for short documents and decreasing gradually for larger ones. Request a quote for your language project and let us do the math! We respond within 24 hours.


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