Localization implies a thorough revamp of your content to adapt to the target audience. Our team members will build on a fine knowledge of the culture and on through research to elaborate the most appealing and clear content.

Localization is not simply about the accuracy, but about providing catchy soundbites in the target language, and about being creative and sounding natural for your target audience. Our localization team will adapt cultural references, find adequate country-specific elements such as currency, date and time format, and many other details. Whereas translation is mainly a language matter, localization deals with non-textual components of products or services.

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Unique Contact Point

The translators and reviewers work in close collaboration with your project manager, who will be your unique point of contact and will communicate with you daily to make sure you have regular updates, and to forward any questions the translators might have. A good translation requires smooth communication to make sure it meets your needs, and to make sure the translators do not lack information or context. All our translations are thoroughly reviewed by another professional linguist.