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In Translatio is your personal translation team for your language projects. Whether you need translation for technical documentation, an information brochure, a medical report, or a new website for your business, In Translatio is your partner of choice for all your language needs.

Being part of In Translatio means having a real passion for languages and writing. We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of the mechanisms of our native languages and our perfect command of the source languages we translate.

We subject all our translators to a rigorous selection procedure to ensure a high degree of competence and fluency in their languages of expertise. They then take the In Translatio Pledge, in which they commit to doing their utmost to ensure the highest possible quality of their translations.

For maximum efficiency and to ensure a smooth process, each client is assigned a personal project manager who remains your single point of contact throughout the process. The project manager will send you daily progress reports and will make sure the translation process is successful.

We believe the ancient art of translation cannot be adequately performed by machines, and we take great pride in providing high-quality translations to our clients. We like computers a lot, but our translators are humans only!

We provide translations in a wide variety of languages. Our translations are always both accurate and natural-sounding in the target language. We intend to bring humanity back to the field of translation!

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Our pricing policy is simple and fully transparent. We charge translations on a per-word basis, $0.19 per word for a small document, and less for larger ones. Your website is not fully completed yet? Discover our website translation packages which provide free updates to your website for one month!